In many companies, one of the largest teams after Sales and Production/Operations is Marketing. Beyond the size of the marketing team, relevance and detailed specialization happen all the time in the different departments such as Trade Marketing, Branding, Product Marketing, and Digital Marketing to name a few.

All these areas help to grow the brand, but the reality is that the level of participation of each area into growing the brand depends, for the most part, in capabilities and job descriptions. It is true that some could perform more than one function, however, such specialization has been created due to the complexity of the enterprise. A large multi-channel enterprise will most likely have a large marketing team with a clear structure (Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Analysts, interns, inplants, etc..).

Once the Company has a large marketing organization with a significant number of marketers integrated to each team, it’s important to find clear synergies in finances, procuring a healthy balance between budgets and sales profits. It is in such equation where we can find imbalances on the business model, in which some areas become too large in structure and heavy on G&A. Also, these large areas can become very slow to react to the needs of the marketplace, placing the organization at a disadvantage against the competition.

Marketing consulting helps by creating the links between multi-platform disciplines, provides great analytical depth and reach on research guarantees full context, and it also allows the brand to think out of the box. The longer as part of a process, the more difficult is to see some opportunities that could foster real growth.

As a consultant, Mercatus Mater can simplify and expedite processes to you, and also identify opportunities and needs and solutions for these, allowing you to focus on execution and leaving the planning to our team of experts.

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