There are several types of marketing. As the markets evolve, marketing has diversified to adjust to its newly found needs. After the digitalization of the media in the industry, digital strategy has become a key component of the marketing mix.

Digital marketing is extremely useful since all the data generated by consumers, can be used to create and launch personalized campaigns matching the audience individual needs and preferences. Also, digital marketing is a very flexible channel and quick in terms of access to consumers.

However, traditional marketing still has tools that enrich any integrated marketing strategy, and it would be a mistake to not consider those. Traditional marketing focuses primarily on sales around the product or services offered.

Traditional marketing works around conventional media such as direct sales, print, radio, TV, trade shows, sponsorships etc.

It is also important to recognize that with conventional media, direct interaction with the consumer happens naturally is very valuable. There are moments and places that marketing can’t access through digital media. That’s why is so important to include both in the mix so they complement each other to increase the reach of the brand communication.

When measuring the impact of a marketing initiative, the marketer should ideally utilize all available resources and tools, and data to obtain the best read of the impact from the data collected. Traditional and Digital marketing should be combined to accomplish this.